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Register as a Model

  1. Click the “register for the Site” button, fill the form, send it. Return to the same page.
  2. Click Indiebill’s button, upload your ID and finish the registration process.

*In order to be approved, both processes need to be finished, otherwise the application will be deleted.

*Payments are sent twice a month, usually 4 days after the Pay Periods have ended on the 16th and 30th or 31st, by Indiebill. MyFetishCamModels doesn’t handle Models Payments. If you have inquiries about Payments, please contact Indiebill at go.getindiebill.com

(Available Payouts are: Wire and Direct Deposit over $100 free of charge or pay $3 fee for amounts lower than $100 and First Choice (Payoneer) over $25. Set your Payment option inside your Indiebill account please). Models get 75% of their sales and when you get one, an email will be sent to you with the confirmation of the client’s purchase. Your Indiebill account won’t show your sales in the present moment, we are still working on that for the near future. Right now trust your E-mails and keep them in a safe place for tracking. Chargebacks are covered but we reserve the right to terminate accounts with multiple ones. As soon as the accounts on Indiebill are ready for Models to track their sales, you will also be able to set Daily Pay (Boleyn Models) as a Payment option. Please bare with us on this one! 😉